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Honey Bee Nuc Colony with 2023 Michigan Queen (DEPOSIT)

Honey Bee Nuc Colony with 2023 Michigan Queen (DEPOSIT)

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We had 94% survival rate with our colonies this winter

FULL PRICE IS $160 per nuc with new trade in frames with new wax coated plastic foundation. Without frame trade in and without jester nuc box return, price is $200. Deposit price is $25. Deposit is non refundable unless we are unable to produce the nuc colony for your order for reasons such as weather conditions. Remainder of payment is due day of pickup. 

Bees will come in a plastic jester nuc box that is intended for transfer of bees, but not their long term home. You will need to have a full hive set up in order to keep the bees long term and they will need to be transfer to their new home as soon as possible after you purchase them.

Looking for a strong, healthy honeybee colony that has been overwintered in Michigan? Look no further than our 5 frame deep nucs, complete with 2 or 3 frames of brood of all ages, as well as pollen/honey frames. Our nucs have been carefully curated to ensure the health and vitality of the bees, with a fifth frame that may not be completely drawn out, which helps reduce the chance of the bees wanting to swarm from a small nuc hive.

Our apiary genetics are a combination of Cory Stevens VSH stock, stock that originated from known feral Michigan colonies, as well as stock coming from other Michigan honey bee queen producers that raise queens from Michigan survivor stock. This means that you're getting a diverse, strong colony with a mix of genetic traits that have been proven to survive and thrive in the unique climate and environmental conditions of Michigan.

Whether you're a seasoned beekeeper or just starting out, our honeybee nuc colony is the perfect addition to your apiary. With a proven track record of survival and a diverse genetic makeup, you can rest assured that you're getting a top-quality colony that will produce healthy, delicious honey for years to come.

They are ready for pickup sometime between early May and early June. Pickup dates can vary quite a bit due to weather conditions as well as spring blooming conditions. We are taking deposits of 

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